Marketing and branding are not the same thing. Marketing is a tool you use to promote your products to the world. Branding is how you appear to the world. Why would someone choose your product over another company’s?

In order to set goals for your business you have to have a clear understanding of who you are. What do you offer that is different than another business that sells the same product.

Let’s take Amazon as an example. Many of the products available on Amazon are also available on the retailers own websites. You can also find many of the same products in stores, or other online commerce sites.

In fact, if you are really looking, you will see that many of the products available on Amazon are cheaper on other websites.

So why do we continue to go to Amazon for our shopping?

The answer is branding. Amazon has branded itself as the easy and quick one stop shop for anything you need. Yes, you might pay a few dollars more, but you will always find what you need, and have it delivered hassle free in less than two days. Sometimes even in hours!

This is the Amazon brand. Sure, you can find this product on another website for $1 less, but on our website, it’s easier to find, quicker to order, and arrives faster.

Every company’s brand can be different. It can be about convenience, better quality, or it can even be the personality you imbue into your brand. A social cause, a personal connection or a story of redemption.

Who we are as owners and members of the company can be translated into the energy that a person will feel when they engage with you.